Throw the Dice and Reach for the Sky

Activity sheet to improve gross motor movement and number association.

Number line

Who can let loose the most arrows along a number line where the cards demand you alight on a number which is: more than, less than, bigger, smaller, double or half a given number? A highly competitive place value and vocabulary game.

Animal Number Squares

Can you complete the number lines and 100 squares? Two sets of 6 large animal pictures. The first with number lines bridging the ten, the second with parts of a 100 square to complete to reinforce place value.

Apple Tree Game

A fun, multi-sensory game to practise your number bonds of 5, 6 and 7 while picking apples from the tree and deciding if they are odd or even

Dinosaur Digits and Dolphin Dips

Practise number bonds to 8, mathematical vocabulary and coding.

Cherry No patterns

Pair up the numbers to make totals of 8 and 9 and watch your own colourful number pattern emerge in a fun and interactive way.

Juggling Lobster

An interactive game board for developing bonds of 10, counting on and finding the difference in a colourful competitive way. Needs counters.

Ladybird Times Tables

A fun way of practising number bonds and multiplication tables.

Double or Half game

Covers double/half, odd/even and the clock face, all practised in a fun and interactive way.

9 and 11 Ski-slopes

An entertaining, interactive activity reinforcing the addition and subtraction of 9 and 11 by using 10 +/- 1.