Multiplication Football

A ‘four in a row’ football game to practice multiplication tables.

Find the Mystery Number

A game using animal detectives to find the missing number. It can be used in conjunction with either a number line or column subtraction and can be in the form of self-correcting or a popular homework.

Time Passes

A colourful board to reinforce the months of the year and the components of time.

More than, less than or equals?

Activity sheet to reinforce these inequality symbols in a multi-sensory way and including the conversion of fractions, percentages and decimals.

Operations, Game 1

A competitive board game to reinforce the vocabulary of the 4 mathematical operations.

Operations, Game 2

Using the same colourful board but this time with a set of questions to decide which ‘operation’ is required.

Planes and Parachutes

A Snakes and Ladders based game but played with a 100 Square that reinforces prime numbers, square numbers and 7 times table.

Venn Diagram factor game

A colourful board to give you a sporting chance. Place numbers in the correct circle if they are divisible by 2, 3 or 5 and see which team members are prepared to share. Reinforce your factorising skills while using a Venn diagram.

Flying Time

A multi-sensory game using cards with worded questions on digital and analogue time. Contains clock faces, which need to be set to the correct time. Can be played against the clock!

Lowest common multiple taxi

See who can stop the meter running first with this kinesthetic, visual activity involving laying out the first 5 multiples of numbers to 6 and then finding the lowest number that is common to both.