Number board

A highly visual and kinesthetic resource for gaining an understanding of place value and decimals. Watch the value fall off as you move your numbers to the right.

Fraction Rods

A visual reinforcement of the importance of the denominator in a fraction, and its equivalent place value in decimals.

3D Shapes Happy Families

Find the families using the diagrams, names and properties of these 3D shapes.

Super-sized, balanced and skinny fraction game

Take the super-sized hero down to size in this interactive game involving reading of axis, recognizing top heavy fractions and fractions that make 1.

Clear The Decks

Laminate and cut to make a pack of 32 cards to practise 12 hour / 24 hour clock conversion as a racing card game.

Take Off

Solve the prose time questions on the back of each card to cover your board before you can catch your plane.

Noughts and crosses game

Using this well-loved traditional format, this is a fun and competitive way to practise rounding to whole numbers, hundreds, thousands and one and two decimal places.

Decimal/Fraction card game

A fun way to practise decimal/fraction conversion plus simple manipulation of fractions and decimals.

Percentage/Fraction/Decimal Bingo

Encouraging conversion between these three in a competitive forum.

Noughts & Crosses Decimal/Fraction/Percentage prose questions

Practise your solving of prose questions and place your cards subtly to win the game.