50p Number Line

An ingenious number line where the 10p coin can be seen to match ten 1p coins. A visual resource that enables pupils to see the relation between 1p and 10p coins and helps their knowledge of counting and rounding in 10s.

Rounding to the Nearest 10

An interactive game using a 10s number line and jumping frogs to reinforce decades and to learn rounding.

10 Bonds Bingo

This traditional game will reinforce knowledge of 10 bonds, through both addition and subtraction.

Number Distinction Game

Reinforce your pupil’s knowledge of place value by choosing between two confusing numbers.

20 Bonds Four in a Row

Can you be the first to get four correct answers in a row using your knowledge of the bonds of 20?

Odd and Even Race

Reinforce your understanding of how the 100 square works while racing to 100 by knowing your odd and even numbers.

Division Remainder Game

Turn the teaching of division on its head by concentrating on remainders in this spinner game.

Prime Number Race

Using the 100 square as your score board, anwer questions on prime, square and cube numbers to beat your opponents.

Fraction Pirates

Get your pirate to win the most treasure by working out the fraction questions.

Bearings Route Map

Find your way round the zoo by following the bearings route map.