Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS)

The Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS) is a set of multi-sensory, diagnostic tests for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two students who are struggling with maths. It enables teachers to determine the essential number concepts that their students have fully grasped and those concepts that they have only partly understood. The tests are largely activity based, using games and concrete resources rather than just pen and paper exercises. This allows the teacher to gain insights into the students’ knowledge, thinking, language and underlying skills, and starts their journey to a more positive view of maths.

The assessment will provide teachers with a clear map of their students’ knowledge and highlight areas that need to be reinforced in future lessons, thus enabling planning and focused support.

DANS is available from SEN Books

DANS Solutions

DANS Solutions One is a ready-to-use teaching package full of ideas and games to help students develop an understanding of numbers whilst enjoying their maths lessons. Teachers can use the games and activities to nurture confidence which is essential for learning, while at the same time having fun, a key motivator for any student.

The chapters on Individual Maths Development Plans and Strata Plans will help teachers to prepare focused, cumulative lessons to build up their students’ numerosity and aid the development of a flexible understanding of number.

DANS Solutions One is available from SEN Books.

eBook – Prepare your child for success with maths

We all know how important it is for our children to succeed in maths but how can we give them the right preparation? Prepare your child for success with maths is the ebook that gives parents, carers and nursery teachers the ideas they need to make numbers real, and to make them fun. This is the book that everyone who was terrified by maths at school needs to read so their children won’t feel the same!

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