The Unicornmaths Advanced Dyscalculia Course

The Unicornmaths Advanced Dyscalculia Course is an open access, two-day course and is suitable for Sencos, Learning Support Teachers, Mainstream Teachers and Classroom Assistants of pupils at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and also for Teachers working with older students experiencing severe difficulties with number.

The Unicornmaths Course looks at current understanding and research into dyscalculia. It follows the Unicornmaths Programme, looking at a wide variety of concrete resources that can be used to introduce each mathematical concept in a fully multi-sensory, interactive mode, so enabling teachers to maximise their roles in the guidance of pupils with dyscalculia. The course also deals with the identification of underlying skill deficits that could influence dyscalculia, and two diagnostic mathematical assessments which lead into the writing of individual education plans.


The Really Useful Multi-Sensory Maths Course

The Really Useful Multi-sensory Maths Course is a practical, one-day, open-access course for Key Stage 1 practitioners working with pupils who struggle with maths in school. It is appropriate for Primary teachers, Teachers’ Assistants, Learning Support Assistants, Classroom Assistants, Teaching Partners and Parents.

This course will give delegates experience with a wide variety of concrete maths resources and the knowledge to use them to develop essential numeracy concepts.  The delegates will extend these models as a basis for cumulative maths understanding.

This course will prepare professionals who deal with lower ability maths groups to use a fully multi-sensory approach to enable their students to access the curriculum and understand, retain, develop and apply maths concepts. It is presented by highly experienced SEN teachers who work on a daily basis with children struggling with maths and so understand both the difficulties of the pupils, and of those trying to teach them.


Upcoming Courses

Advanced Dyscalculia Course  

Friday 10 June and Saturday 18 June 2022

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For information, please contact:  Sarah Wedderburn.