What’s My Time?


In What’s My Time? each player uses a clock face as their score board while answering prose questions on time. They reinforce their knowledge of time, calculating the passage of time and the analogue clock in a fun, competitive game.

Which Operation?


Which Operation? is a fun way for children to practise answering worded problems by deciding which mathematical operation to apply. The questions are suitable for children aged 7 and 8.

Easter Time Noughts and Crosses


A fun and competitive game to reinforce the solving of worded time questions, clock face manipulation and calculating the passage of time.

Circle the Dots


A visual-spatial game that reinforces counting and reading a dice, and introduces the concept of tallying.

Number Pattern Bingo


A colourful board game to help the recognition and reinforcement of number patterns.



Will your dinosaur win with the highest score?

A fast and fun Top Trump type game to reinforce simple doubles and halves and 10 bonds – essential maths knowledge.