Dynamo maths

We know that, to obtain mathematical understanding, pupils need to interact with their early learning in a multi-sensory mode. They must have repeated practice to reinforce their knowledge and, in certain areas such as bonds of ten, gain automaticity where possible.

This gaining of automaticity is more difficult to achieve for pupils with SpLD as they will suffer from some memory deficiency and will generally be slower workers than their peers. They require greater practice and reinforcement and yet manage fewer worked examples due to their slower speeds of working. This is the area where IT can be of real benefit.

Dynamo Maths has been developed as interactive software to allow students as much practice as they require to develop essential early maths skills. It can be employed when a pupil is ready to move on from the concrete mode of understanding and it uses representations of the manipulatives that the pupil will be familiar with from their class work, for instance number patterns, number rods and base 10. Dynamo Maths is also an extremely beneficial tool that can be used to gain 10 minutes enjoyable maths practice each day at home.

For details please visit www.dynamomaths.co.uk  and enter the voucher code  ‘Unicorn’. This will entitle you to a 5% discount