Specialists in the development of numeracy and the remediation of maths difficulties and dyscalculia

The Really Useful Multi-Sensory Maths Course – Training for TAs, LSAs and Classroom Assistants

This practical, one-day training course will prepare practitioners who deal with Key Stage One lower ability maths groups to use a fully multi-sensory approach and enable their students to access the curriculum and understand, retain, develop and apply maths concepts.

Unicornmaths Course – Training for specialist teachers, Sencos, teachers and TAs

This two-day advanced maths course is based on the Unicornmaths Programme, a Key Stage One & Two structured, cumulative, multi-sensory maths development model for the remediation of maths difficulties and dyscalculia. Delegates will look at current research into dyscalculia and the writing of Individual Maths Development Plans.

Inservice Training

We provide INSETs to schools and educational organisations.


Sarah Wedderburn presents seminars and workshops at national and international conferences around the title, ‘Multi-sensory Maths Remediation’.

Individual specialist tuition

At the Unicornmaths Studio we work on a one-to-one basis with pupils aged 5 to 15, using multi-sensory learning and interactive revisiting to develop the understanding and retention of maths.