The Unicornmaths Advanced Dyscalculia Course

The Unicornmaths Advanced Dyscalculia Course is an open access, two-day course and is suitable for Sencos, Learning Support Teachers, Mainstream Teachers and Classroom Assistants of pupils at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and also for Teachers working with older students experiencing severe difficulties with number.

The Unicornmaths Course looks at current understanding and research into dyscalculia. It follows the Unicornmaths Programme, looking at a wide variety of concrete resources that can be used to introduce each mathematical concept in a fully multi-sensory, interactive mode, so enabling teachers to maximise their roles in the guidance of pupils with dyscalculia. The course also deals with the identification of underlying skill deficits that could influence dyscalculia, and diagnostic maths assessment which leads into the writing of individual education plans.

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Advanced Dyscalculia Course

Saturday 9 November and Friday 15 November 2024

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Unicornmaths Programme

The Unicornmaths Programme is a detailed, structured, cumulative, multi-sensory maths development model for the remediation of maths difficulties and dyscalculia. It is designed to be used by specialist teachers and teaching assistants to remediate a lack of numerical understanding for individuals and small groups. It allows learning support staff to move their pupils through all the differing facets of number development at an individual pace. The programme identifies the underlying, interlocking concepts on which an understanding of number is based. Each separate area is introduced on a concrete level in a visual and tactile manner and then built up in small steps using a wide variety of resources and games.

The programme is suitable for teachers of pupils at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, and also for older students who are experiencing severe difficulties with number. It will enable Sencos, learning support teachers and classroom assistants to maximise their roles in the guidance of pupils with dyscalculia. Each aspect of number development is accompanied by ideas for its introduction and practice.

The programme is constructed in two stages. Stage 1 is for 4 to 7 year olds and develops an understanding of the concept and conservation of number, the importance of 10 and place value. Stage 2 develops the pupil’s understanding of multiplication tables, the four operations, rounding numbers, fractions and decimals, time and money.

The Unicornmaths Programme is only available through the courses and is not published.

Attendee Comments

“I was very impressed with the Unicornmaths programme and can see that this two day training course will be a very useful tool for SEN teachers and teachers’ assistants.”         BDA Education Director, February 2006

“I feel inspired and motivated, the most excellent course I have attended.”

“The Unicornmaths programme has given me the same structure in teaching maths that the Alpha to Omega Programme gives me for literacy. It provides a wonderful, lateral base from which each child can develop an understanding and enjoyment of number.”

“Sarah’s obvious knowledge and great enthusiasm are a powerful combination.”

“I greatly enjoyed the course and found it very informative. Several ideas are already in practice and I will be keeping an eye on the website for future developments. Many thanks to everyone involved.”

“I feel totally inspired. I have a far better understanding of Special Needs children and I am so pleased to have done this course.”

“I really liked the way in which you covered underlying skills.”

“I highly recommend the course as a good programme for teaching SpLD.”

“Good info, easy relaxed atmosphere, enjoyable two days – came away very fired up – lucky children.”

“I am so glad to finally have a programme to follow.”

“I thought the course was excellent. It tended towards the teaching but that was what I wanted – one can get the theory from books.”

“I would like to thank you and your team for such an inspirational maths course. You are so passionate regarding your teaching and I am now totally inspired to teach maths. Thank you for passing on your experiences.”